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Avian scavengers

Spain is home of 90% of all Eurasian griffon vultures (Gyps fulvus) in Europe. Even if vulture populations are increasing—thanks to conservation actions and a supplementary feeding point network—they are not free from threats such as toxics or diseases.

Griffon vulture capture ringing
Sampling griffon vulture gyps fulvus
Bearded vulture

In close collaboration with biologists and bird ringing groups, such as Grup d'Anellament Calldetenes-Osona (GACO), our research projects are focussed on assessing the health status of griffon vultures in Catalonia. We mainly work on the risk assessment of exposure to NSAIDs in avian scavengers following the registration of diclofenac for veterinary use in Spain. We also study the impact of antibiotic residues in carrions at supplementary feeding stations and diseases that could impact the population recovery of avian scavengers. Our projects have been funded by the Morris Animal Foundation and the Fundació Zoo de Barcelona

Releasing a griffon vulture after ringing and sampling
Griffon vulture blood sampling
Recording the results of antimicrobial susceptibility
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