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Recent publications


  • Menajovsky M.F., Espunyes J., Cabezón O., Mayor P. (2023) Infectious diseases of interest for the conservation of peccaries in the Amazon: a systematic quantitative review. Biological Conservation (In Press)



  • Lobato L., López-Morales A., Quintela R., Puig Ribas M., Molina-López R., Obon E., Napp S., Pailler-García L., Espunyes J., Cabezón O. (2022) Lack of detection of Toxoplasma gondii in Pipistrellus spp. bats from densely cat-populated areas of NE-Spain. Pathogens (In Press)

  • Puig Ribas M., Alonso-Almorox P., Espunyes J., Martínez-Silvestre A., Cabezón O. (2022) Evaluation of passive integrated transponder tags for marking urodeles. Ecological Indicators, 145 [109690].

  • Campos M., Lobato L., Merciai R., Cabezón O., Torres-Blas I., Araujo R., Migura-Garcia L. (2022) Clearance and persistence of Escherichia coli in the freshwater mussel Unio mancus. Scientific Reports 12, 12382.

  • Espunyes J., Illera L., Dias-Alves A., Lobato L., Ribas M.P., Manzanares a., Ayats T., Marco I.,Cerdà-Cuéllar M. (2022) Eurasian griffon vultures carry widespread antimicrobial resistant Salmonella and Campylobacter of public health concern. Science of The Total Environment. 844 (2022): 157189.

  • Puig Ribas M., Cabezón O., Velarde R., Estruch J., Serrano E., Bosch J., Thumsová B., Martínez-Silvestre A. (2022) Coinfection of chytrid fungi in urodeles during an outbreak of chytridiomycosis in Spain. Journal of Wildlife Diseases, 58(3):658-663

  • Corlatti L., Iacolina L., Safner T., Apollonio M., Buzan E., Ferretti F., Hammer S.E., Herrero J., Rossi L., Serrano E., Arnal M.C., Brivio F., Chirichella R., Cotza A., Crestanello B., Espunyes J., [...] Šprem N. (2022) Past, present, and future of chamois science. Wildlife biology, e01025.

  • Carrera-Faja L., Cardells J., Pailler-García L., Lizana V., Alfaro-Deval G., Espunyes J., Napp S., Cabezón O. (2022) Evidence of prolonged Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus endemicity by retrospective serosurvey, eastern Spain. Emerging Infectious Diseases.2022 May.


  • Jarque L., Calleja J.A., Ibañez M., Bartolomé J., Albanell E., Espunyes J., Galvez-Cerón A., Martínez-López J.M., Gassó D., Fernández-Aguilar X., Colom-Cadena A., Krumins J.A., Serrano E. (2021) Grazing influences biomass production and protein content of alpine meadows. Science of the Total Environment (In Press).

  • Lizana V., Gortázar C., Muniesa A., Cabezón O., Martí-Marco A., López-Ramon J., Cardells K. (2021) Human and environmental factors driving Toxoplasma gondii prevalence in wild boar (Sus scrofa). Research in Veterinary Science, 141:56-62. 

  • Espunyes J., Cabezón O., Pailler-García L., Dias-Alves A., Lobato-Bailón L., Marco I., Ribas M.P., Valldeperes M., Encinosa-Guzmán P.E., Napp S. (2021) Hotspot of Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever Virus Seropositivity in Wildlife, northeastern Spain. Emerging Infectious Diseases 27(9).

  • Espunyes J., Serrano E., Chaves S., Bartolomé J., Menaut P., Albanell E., Marchand P., Foulché K., Garel M. (2021) Positive effect of spring advance on the diet quality of an alpine herbivore. Integrative Zoology, 0: 0-15.

  • Torres-Blas I., Fernández Aguilar X., Cabezón O., Aragon V., Migura-García L. (2021) Antimicrobial Resistance in Pasteurellaceae Isolates from Pyrenean Chamois (Rupicapra pyrenaica) and Domestic Sheep in an Alpine Ecosystem. Animals, 11(6):1686.

  • Jarque-Bascuñana L., Bartolomé J., Serrano E., Espunyes J., Garel M., Calleja Alarcón J.A., López Olvera J.R., Albanell E. (2021) Near Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy Analysis to Predict Diet Composition of a Mountain Ungulate Species. Animals,11(5):1449.

  • Jiménez-Ruiz S., García-Bocanegra I., Acevedo P. Espunyes J.,Triguero-Ocaña R., Cano-Terriza D., Torres-Sánchez M.J., Vicente J. (2021) A survey of shared pathogens at the domestic-wild ruminants' interface in Doñana National Park (Spain). Transboundary and Emerging Diseases 2021 Apr 26.

  • Dias-Alves A., Cabezón O., Borel N., López-Olvera J.R., Mentaberre G., Lavín S., Fernández Aguilar X. (2021) Molecular detection and identification of Chlamydiaceae in the eyes of wild and domestic ruminant hosts from northern Spain. Pathogens, 10(3):383.

  • Espunyes J., Cabezón O., Dias-Alves A., Miralles P., Ayats t., Cerdà-Cuéllar M. (2021) Assessing the role of livestock and sympatric wild ruminants in spreading antimicrobial resistant Campylobacter and Salmonella in alpine ecosystems. BMC Vet Res, 17, 79.

  • Castillo-Contreras R., Mentaberre G., Fernández-Aguilar X., Conejero C., Colom-CadenaA., Ráez-Bravo A., González-Crespo C., Espunyes J., Lavín S., López-Olvera J.R. (2021) Wild boar in the city: phenotypic responses to urbanisation. Science of the Total Environment, 773.

  • Navarro T., Ortín A., Cabezón C., De Las Heras M., Lacasta D., González J.K. (2021). Evolution of the Seroprevalence of Pestivirus and Respiratory Viral Infections in Spanish Feedlot Lambs. Animals 11(1):160.


  • Brannelly L. A., McCallum H. I., Grogan L. F., Briggs C. J., Ribas M. P., Hollanders M., ... & Kilpatrick A. M. Mechanisms underlying host persistence following amphibian disease emergence determine appropriate management strategies. Ecology Letters, 24(1), 130-148. Link:



  • Roldán C., Begovoeva M., López Olvera J.R., Velarde R., Cabezón O., ... Rosi L. (2020). Endemic occurrence of Fasciola hepatica in an alpine ecosystem, Pyrenees, Northeastern Spain. Transboundary and Emerging Diseases. Accepted. Link:

  • Jiménez‐Ruiz S., Vicente J., García‐Bocanegra I., Cabezón Ó., Arnal M. C., Balseiro A., ... & Acevedo P. (2020). Distribution of Pestivirus exposure in wild ruminants in Spain. Transboundary and Emerging Diseases. Link:

  • Herrero-Villar M., Velarde R., Camarero P. R., Taggart M. A., Bandeira V., Fonseca C., Marco I., Mateo R. (2020). NSAIDs detected in Iberian avian scavengers and carrion after diclofenac registration for veterinary use in Spain. Environmental Pollution, 115157. Link:

  • Czyżewska-Dors E, Nuñez I, Saporiti V, Huerta E, Riutord C, Cabezón O, Segalés J, Sibila M (2020) Detection of Porcine circovirus 3 in wildlife species in Spain. Pathogens, 9(5), 341. Link:

  • Gómez-Guillamón F, Díaz-Cao JM, Camacho-Sillero L, Cano-Terriza D, Alcaide EM, Cabezón O, Arenas A, García-Bocanegra I. (2020) Spatiotemporal monitoring of selected pathogens in Iberian ibex (Capra pyrenaica). Transbound Emerg Dis. Link:

  • Fernández Aguilar X., Mahapatra M., Begovoeva M., Kalema-Zikusoka G., ... Kock R. (2020). Peste des Petits Ruminants at the Wildlife-Livestock Interface in the Western Albertine Rift and Nile Basin, East Africa. Viruses. 12(3), 293 Link: 


  • Espunyes J, Ribas MP, Martinez-Silvestre A, Lobato L, Alonso JM, Cabezón O. Introducing the Amphibian Surveillance Program of Catalonia (ASPrCAT). Proc. ZSL Symposium: Mitigating single pathogen and coinfections that threaten amphibian biodiversity, London, UK, April 2019. Poster.

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