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Lucía Illera

Lucía Illera


Degree in Veterinary Science 

Internship in Wildlife Population Health 2019-20

Current Position

Project Veterinarian, Marine Protected Areas Technical Department, Tragsatec, Spain


Career Goals

As a veterinarian with wildlife knowledge, my main interest is to assist and take part in projects related with ecology, epidemiology and conservation besides the possible local people-wildlife conflicts that could occur. My career goal is to make public aware of the wildlife protection current importance.


Background and Research Overview
I was born in Murcia in 1995, a Spanish south-eastern region where I was graduated of Veterinary Science, completing my degree in March 2019. During my studies, I participated in The Parasitic diseases department as an intern student, where I developed my undergraduate thesis focused on the epidemiology of Coccidiosis in wild rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) in The Region of Murcia, with which I could developed field and laboratory work and statistical analysis managing and working with a big data base. Along my university years, I have conducted some internships in wildlife rescue centres (AMUS, CRFS El Valle, GREFA) where I gained field and clinical skills. After I graduated, I had the amazing opportunity to participate with The Conservation and Research wildlife Foundation (CREW) in its Biological Station in Peru, where we worked with endangered Amazonian wildlife species, such Jaguar (Panthera onca).

Lucía Illera
Lucía Illera
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