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Lourdes Lobato Bailón


Degree in Veterinary Science

MSc One Health and Zoonoses


EZCM-WPH resident

PhD candidate

Contact details


ORCID: 0000-0003-2084-5513

Twitter: @lou_lobato

Instagram: @louibbon

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​I am a PhD candidate working with Dr. Óscar Cabezón and Dr. Ignasi Marco (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) and I have recently enrolled in my residency in Wildlife Population Health speciality, accredited by the European College of Zoological Medicine (ECZM). Along my professional journey, I have devoted myself to work for wildlife in different countries and disciplines such as pathology and conservation in situ programs, which has helped me to visualize my interests in wildlife diseases investigation and conservation. With my PhD I attempt to reveal infectious and pathological processes affecting bat population dynamics, with the aim to contribute to global conservation efforts from a multi-causal perspective. Besides my current bat research, I also combine work with wildlife ruminants, vultures and amphibians.


I studied Veterinary Medicine at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain) and during my degree I had the opportunity to collaborate with Dr. Javier Millán in a wildlife project funded by Ministry of Science and Innovation, about the eco-pathological factors affecting the prevalence of certain zoonotic agents in the peri-urban wildlife. Also, I had the chance to do my clinical practicum in several wildlife centers around Spain and abroad. Altogether headed me to my first job in a non-human primate (NHP) rescue center, which allowed me to work with more than 25 different species of NHP and learn about disease management in captivity and animal rehabilitation.

After that, I completed my clinical and surgical skills in a general practice and pursued an Anatomic Pathology internship focused in zoo and exotic animals, which helped me to better understand the basis of pathological processes and enhanced my knowledge in diagnostic techniques. Shortly thereafter, I moved to Cambodia (South-East Asia) to work in a wildlife rescue and conservation center where, besides I got first hand knowledge in dealing with wildlife trade and conservation in situ programmes, I have the chance to provide biological samples for the One Health Survillance and Laboratory Network project of the Insitute Pasteur of Cambodge. This further increased my enthusiasm and interest in wildlife-human interaction and drivers of diseases, which led me to finish my MSc in One Health and Zoonoses at the Universtiat Autònoma de Barcelona.


Professional memberships

European Wildlife Disease Association (EWDA)

Spanish Association for the Conservation and Research of Bats (SECEMU)

European Association of Zoo and Wildlife Veterinarians (EAZWV)

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