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Paula Escaño


Degree in Veterinary Science


Internship in Wildlife Population Health 2021-22


From a very young age I was always passionate about nature and specially wildlife. Following that passion, I decided to become a veterinarian, and I am mainly interested in anatomic pathology, ecology, and epidemiology of infectious diseases in wild animals. One of my main professional goals is to acquire deeper knowledge about the role of wildlife in different emerging diseases and to study which are their ecological consequences, as well as developing proper management techniques.

In the future I would like to become a European College of Zoological Medicine Diplomate specialized in Wildlife Population Health.


I recently graduated in Veterinary Science at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, in 2021. As a student, I was able to volunteer in several wildlife rescue centers and conservation projects in national (CRAM, GREFA) and international institutions (Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue & Education Center in Indonesia and Turtle Foundation in Cape Verde), where I’ve had the opportunity to work with a wide range of wild animals and improve the theoretical and practical skills applied in exotics and wildlife clinics.

Moreover, during my student years I was a member of AVAFES Barcelona and attended numerous conferences, courses and events organized by the association.

I completed my final degree project on tension pneumothorax in small odontocetes in the Catalan coast (specifically in striped dolphins, Stenella coeruleoalba) with Mariano Domingo and the Department of Animal Health and Anatomy of the UAB.

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