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Laura Canós Valero



Degree in Veterinary Science


Internship in Wildlife Population Health 2023-24


From a young age, I have always been concerned about animal health and the conservation of the environment. As the years have passed, this concern has grown, emphasizing the need for expanding research efforts in emerging diseases.
In the past, many diseases affecting wildlife were not well understood, and it is thanks to scientific organizations like WildCoM that it has become possible to provide insight into the transmission mechanisms and the development of diseases.
Throughout this year in the Wildlife Population Health internship, I am committed to contribute to the complex task of managing the health of wildlife populations. I want to expand my knowledge for creating new research studies and I hope to gain more hands-on experience in fieldwork.


I graduated from Veterinary school in 2023, and my interest in wildlife grew when I became involved with the veterinary association for assistance to exotic and wild fauna (AVAFES), as well as other communities caring for wildlife health and conservation; since then, I began to really envision myself working in this field.

During my career years, my interest led me to attend several  congresses on wildlife and joined a course of reptile medicine at  CRARC (Amphibian and Reptile Recuperation Center of Catalonia).
Through a scholarship from the UAB, I had the opportunity to engage in fieldwork practice at the University of Pretoria, where I improved my skills and gained more knowledge about South
African wildlife.
My connection with WildCoM began when I conducted my final degree thesis on the effects of anthropogenic pressure on bats' health. Working with the amazing team and seeing the final objectives of their  projects made me certain that I wanted to take part in this internship.

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