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Axelle Lacombe


Degree in Veterinary Science


Internship in Wildlife Population Health 2020-21


Since I decided to be a Veterinarian, I have always been fascinated by Wild and Exotic animals.
By doing this Internship I wish to contribute to the Investigation and to the Conservation of species present on the IUCN red list. I also am interested in the concept of One Health and specifically in the monitoring and investigation of wild animal populations to avoid major disease outbreaks in humans and domestic animals.



I recently graduated in Veterinary Medicine in the UAB, in 2020. During my student years, I participated with the SEFaS (Wildlife ecopathology service) to various necropsies and outdoors sessions to capture Pyrenean chamois, and I was a member of AVAFES Barcelona with which I attended various conferences, courses and other events organized by the association. During summers, I would also do Internships in Veterinary clinics of exotic and small animals in France and in Spain, to gain further knowledge and experience in Veterinary Medicine. In September of the year 2020, I spent a month doing an Internship in the Anatomy Department of the UAB where I participated to necropsies, laboratory analysis and histopathological sessions organized for the residents. During my last year of University, I had the opportunity to work during six months in the Zoo of Barcelona, doing weekly necropsies of the animals of the Zoo with the Veterinarian Hugo Fernandez. The same year, I had the chance to get a Scholarship to collaborate with the Pathologist Mariano Domingo and with the Department of Animal Health and Anatomy of the UAB to work on my final degree project as well as the publication of an article about the Causes and the consequences of the Ingestion of Abnormal materials in Odontocetes of the Catalonian coast.
Thanks to a Student Membership Grant, I also currently am a member of the EAZWV association. Finally, I regularly participate to free online conferences organized by EAZA (The last one in date was “Saving European species and biodiversity together” from the Annual Conference 2020).

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