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Angela Loring


Degree in Veterinary Science

Internship in Wildlife Population Health 2021-22

Current Position 

MSc in Terrestrial Ecology and Biodiversity Management, UAB, Spain


I am a passionate of nature and animals since I can remember. I really enjoy being outside observing natural environments and the interactions between all the participants of the ecosystems.
I always wanted to be an active part in the conservation field and contribute to the preservation of nature and the raising of public awareness through scientific work and research.


I completed my Degree in Veterinary Science at the Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio in Madrid (UAX) in 2012. After finishing my degree, I did a veterinary internship at the Oceanographic of Valencia where I mainly worked with marine mammals and elasmobranchii.
After that I decided to travel to Costa Rica as a volunteer to gain experience and to acquire further education in wildlife and conservation medicine. Panama was my second destiny, where I worked for a building company coordinating the wildlife rescue project in a local secondary forest. My final destination was Mexico, where I had the chance to work at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico (UNAM) with a research group at the ecology college. During two years I was lucky enough to work with wildlife in these three countries performing different tasks such as medicine, pathology, ecology, wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, environmental education, research and conservation.

In 2015 I went back to Spain looking for some economic stability so I started to work as a clinical vet, first in small clinics and after in a big hospital in Madrid. I mainly worked with dogs and cats but at the same time I was also the responsible vet of exotic animals in two pet shops. In this period of my life I developed wide experience in general medicine, diagnostic imaging, laboratory and surgery.

Following all these different experiences and having acquired an ampler vision I still have the desire to dedicate my career to conservation medicine. Therefore, I believe this position as an intern of the Wildlife Population Health specialty of the ECZM is a great opportunity to obtain theoretical and practical knowledge that will allow me to perform high-quality work with wildlife in the future. 

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